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6 Month Update.

Some quick updates from the past six months:

November: We finalized the incorporation of Beacon as a Delaware C-Corp with the invaluable help of Startup Legal Garage and Pillar Legal, P.C.

December: We held our first community event in Taipei attended by 15 local

residents and shared our vision for another form of affordable housing in Taiwan. We also attended the International Robotic Exhibition iREX / 国際ロボット展 conference in Tokyo, Japan to learn more about various technologies that could be used to manufacture our pods and coliving spaces.

January: We were accepted into Cohort 1 of the Artof.Co Incubator and attended the 'Big Tiny' tiny home exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

March: We met with local Taipei City legislators and veteran's housing officials through the OURS social housing organization to learn more about their plans for their vacant public buildings and make initial introductions.

May: We had our Demo Day with Artof.Co that was attended by over 160 industry leaders, investors and fellow coliving founders. Through EX, Stealth we collaborated to present a thought leadership white paper to the OURS organization on a new social housing concept built around micro coliving in Taiwan.

Being abroad for the past two consecutive years, I've worked and lived in hostels, capsule hotels and SRO's from Portugal to Jerusalem, experimented with IOT integration for capsule coliving in Hong Kong, learned the art of truly minimalist living in Japan and learned how a small island became great against all odds through the power of manufacturing and focus in Taiwan. 

Now, it's time to return home to my country and use what I've learned to provide additional solutions to the current affordable housing crisis. In San Francisco, I'll begin production on v1 of our pods, a revolutionary new product unlike any I've seen throughout my travels.

The past six months have been primarily focused on building the concept and business model, now our focus shifts to building the first version of our product. I'm grateful for all of the experiences I've had both good and bad, and for all of the people I've met along the way, helping me to grow both as a man and as a founder.

From Alaska to the world, the journey continues..


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