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Beacon + EX. visit OURS

I had the opportunity to visit OURS and learn about some remarkable programs they are working on that will transform housing and sustainable development in Taiwan.

OURS NGO is the largest housing justice advocate in Taiwan and recently worked with the 新北市政府 New Taipei City Government Planning Bureau to launch Taiwan's first official combined coliving & social housing space in New Taipei City, in August 2022.

I was inspired by their leadership in this space in spite of the multitude of obstacles they face from outdated government policies, a lack of interest in building social housing from private developers and a lack of willingness to explore different ways of living from the general public.

Beacon Coliving and EX. are collaborating with OURS to show how pod living allows us to effectively use adaptive reuse of public and private spaces, in order to provide more sustainable, accessible, autonomous and smart ways of living, in the world’s most expensive cities.

As more countries face a growing threat to their economic and social stability due to ongoing crises, I believe that both multi and transnational corporations need to engage with governments and NGOs alike, to provide new ways of sustainable living in the intersection between the ongoing global housing crisis and the ongoing search for a permanent solution.

I believe that we can provide access to sustainably built multicontinental housing where borders don’t exist, allowing countries to not only house their local young professionals, but also allow the global exchange of young talent, ideas and housing models that will ultimately be needed as we transition from the age of ownership to the age of access.

Our Artof.Co demo day is April 30th.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining our team at Beacon Coliving. or EX. an Investor, Advisor, Architect, Engineer or Researcher, reach out at


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